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Last night, Blizzard updated some Island Expedition achievements like I'm Here for the Pets, giving them account-wide progress. Unfortunately there are bugs causing players to lose tracking and progress on Azerite Admiral and Helping Han...
Published Sep 20, 2018
Following last week's in-depth analysis of the effects of the Reorigination Array effect, our friends from SimulationCraft and Raidbots have now added support for the effect!Want to learn more about simulations? Check out our guides abou...
Published Sep 20, 2018
Brewfest runs through September 20th through October 6th! Learn all about the themed drinks, ram racing, special toys, and mounts in our Brewfest 2018 Guide.Brewfest is now live on EU realms.New to 2018:There isn't too much new in 2018, ...
Published Sep 20, 2018
Method claimed the World First Mythic G'huun kill yesterday with Limit claiming their kill a few hours after. We take a quick look at the composition of each of the kills to see what each brought. Congratulations to both guilds!Check out...
Published Sep 20, 2018
Alliance players on NA realms have finally finished collecting enough materials to launch an assault to Stromgarde Keep. This marks the first time the Alliance have been able to queue for a Warfront!For seven days, Alliance players from ...
Published Sep 20, 2018
Welcome to The Fish and Bread Trick's Website!


The Fish and Bread Trick is anxiously (and somewhat trepidatiously given how the pre-patch went) awaiting the arrival of the Battle for Azeroth expansion.  We'll be seeing the home of the Zandalari on August 13th, at exactly 6 pm EST!

With that, we are definitely seeing continued growth and interest in The Fish and Bread Trick.

Some quick responses to commonly asked questions from new folks or applicants:

1.  Yep!  We're still active and growing.  We're no longer raiding ABT, but just doing achievement runs and such now.

2. We were 11/11 H during the Antorus tier.  We were Ahead of the Curve and got our purple birdy mount prior to the artifact getting super duper empowered.

3. Tanking and healing roles are pretty much set.  We're not 100% sure about how the DPS slots will be going.

4.  It's summer time, so people aren't always available in game or logged in as much.  We're still seeing lots of folks logged in regularly, but just as a reminder, the absolute best way to stay in touch and active in our community is to use Discord!  If you have any questions, join our Discord and interact with us there!

God bless you guys, and see you in Azeroth!

First ever Ahead of the Curve achievement acquired for this ragtag team of Hordies.  Super amazing awesome job guys!

Excellent gaming through excellent fellowship and a Christ centered group of friends.  This is awesome.  Let's keep it up for Battle for Azeroth!

Kill video below of H Argus!

Coven was officially killed on 4/17/2018 by The Fish and Bread Trick, and good ol' Aggramar, who was so stupidly easy in comparison, went down on 4/22/2018!  Congrats to our raiders for another excellent raid and good fellowship!  Kill clip of Aggramar below!

Papa Shank Nice job folks!

Excellent job to our raiders!  We're 5/11 in heroic ABT!  Keep pushing for that awesome purple birdy and continue that fellowship and fun.

We downed Argus on Sunday on our last pull for the evening!  Argus is defeated, and Sargeras' Burning Crusade is over!  Well done to our raiders who are now preparing for heroic ABT!  Congrats guys!  

Checking out The Fish and Bread Trick?  Say Hi on our Discord and get to know us!  Link to your left.  We're always looking for awesome players, and our raid crew is always welcome to newcomers looking to improve and be challenged!

Unhandydrake , Trovalor and Eunt-Domus registered to The Fish and Bread Trick
Fruity and Rockjock registered to The Fish and Bread Trick
kennyownz   registered to The Fish and Bread Trick
Imothas   registered to The Fish and Bread Trick
Morrow   registered to The Fish and Bread Trick
Light-Bringer   registered to The Fish and Bread Trick
AbsoluteFury   registered to The Fish and Bread Trick
Whistler   registered to The Fish and Bread Trick
TimHigg   registered to The Fish and Bread Trick
Redzone   registered to The Fish and Bread Trick
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