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Our latest Q&A with Method Jdotb is now live which includes advice on the weekly affixes, Master Loot, Push Weeks and the Necrotic Affix!Check out our previous Q&As with Jdotb: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part...
Published May 23, 2018
Battle for Azeroth is still well under beta stages, but the secrets are already pouring in! The very first secret is the Nazjatar Blood Serpent, a black and red recolor of other eel/serpent mounts like the Abyss Worm and Riddler's Mind-W...
Published May 22, 2018
Blizzard has published "Reunion," a Battle for Azeroth comic on Jaina Proudmoore. This is the first of three comics leading up to the story of Battle for Azeroth.After Jaina's absence in Legion, she is slated to play a major ro...
Published May 22, 2018
Build 26624 has added the first step to acquire flying in Battle for Azeroth. The achievement, similarly to its predecessors, will require you to complete a number of tasks to unlock the ability to freely fly around. This first step will...
Published May 22, 2018
New World of Warcraft Legion Events for the week of May 22 includes the Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking, Ulduar Timewalking, new Mythic+ Affixes and new World Bosses. For the day-to-day updates on Emissary quests, Xu'rios, Mythic+ Aff...
Published May 22, 2018
Welcome to The Fish and Bread Trick's Website!

Coven was officially killed on 4/17/2018 by The Fish and Bread Trick, and good ol' Aggramar, who was so stupidly easy in comparison, went down on 4/22/2018!  Congrats to our raiders for another excellent raid and good fellowship!  Kill clip of Aggramar below!

Papa Shank Nice job folks!

Excellent job to our raiders!  We're 5/11 in heroic ABT!  Keep pushing for that awesome purple birdy and continue that fellowship and fun.

We downed Argus on Sunday on our last pull for the evening!  Argus is defeated, and Sargeras' Burning Crusade is over!  Well done to our raiders who are now preparing for heroic ABT!  Congrats guys!  

Checking out The Fish and Bread Trick?  Say Hi on our Discord and get to know us!  Link to your left.  We're always looking for awesome players, and our raid crew is always welcome to newcomers looking to improve and be challenged!

Making Progress in ABT!

Junataro a posted Dec 6, 17

The Fish and Bread Trick recently started rolling into Antorus, and we are currently 6/11 N in the instance.  Not too shabby for us paragons of casual raiding.

As we continue to raid and make this guild awesome, remember our fellowship is founded in Christ and the community that is generated from our being together.  Strive for friendship and love among members always.  Christmas is coming up, and an incredible gift, at least for me, is the community that this guild provides and the awesome gaming we do together, too.

Keep rocking it!

Holy frijoles, The Fish and Bread Trick is totally back at it raiding!  We cleared normal ToS in less than two hours and are now rocking heroic.  This little fellowship of Horde Christian players continues to thrive on Dalaran.  Ironbrew is quoted saying, "I think our move to Dalaran was a success."

I most certainly agree.  

I am extremely thankful to have all of you in the guild, and am looking forward to continued good times in raids and chit-chat in guild chat and Discord.  Our fellowship will look towards Antorus coming up in Patch 7.3.2.  It is good to be part of a guild focused on fellowship and Christian unity.  Let's keep this up!

If you're checking us out, read through our website, hit up our Discord, feel free to ask questions.  We're stoked to be a part of this guild, and hope you might join up!

Your happy-to-heal tree,

Bryan (Junataro)

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