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Our look at 8.2 Rise of Azshara broadcast text continues with dialogue related to a Brewfest eating contest, Tauren heritage armor, Genn Greymane jokes, Sapphronetta Flivvers and more! Story spoilers.Previously we've covered the broadcas...
Published Apr 18, 2019
In Patch 8.2, the War Campaign will reach a climax as the fate of Baine Bloodhoof, arrested in Patch 8.1.5 and chained in Orgrimmar, is addressed. Learn what happens in this scenario, along with a new choice players can make while questi...
Published Apr 18, 2019
In the Rise of Azshara presentation, we learned we'll go to Nazjatar and fall into a trap set by Azshara. But now through broadcast text, we learn the specifics of Azshara's trap for us, how we try to fight back, and how Azshara's Eterna...
Published Apr 18, 2019
Two missing animations were added in Rise of Azshara for Zandalari Troll Druids: Dances for their Travel and Moonkin Forms! These were part of the missing animations for Zandalari Troll Druids. Thanks to Vephriel for the tip!Continue rea...
Published Apr 18, 2019
A new entry appeared in Blizzard's CDN: WOW_CLASSIC_BETA. This addition likely indicates that we might see some Classic Beta action in the following weeks.Thanks for ModoX#6223 on Discord for pointing that out to us!Recently, we've had a...
Published Apr 17, 2019
Welcome to The Fish and Bread Trick's Website!

6 of 9 in Heroic BoDA!

Junataro a posted Mar 28, 19

Hey all!

This is a quick post to show off our progress in H BODA!  It took us a full night to defeat the Conclave and another full night to down Rastakhan, but it felt so good!  Congrats to our raiders, and keep doing that thing we do!

It's been a long time since I've made a post!  Well, sorry about that.  Life's been crazy for Junataro (aka Bryan) with toddler Audrey running around every day and also getting as much azerite as possible.  I hope if you're reading about our guild you feel welcomed and happy here on the website.  We've been pecking away at heroic BODA, and making good strides!  Last night we downed heroic Opulence, the gold golem.  As usual it was our last pull of the night, with energies running low, but it felt so good to down him after a few failed attempts.  Great job to our raiders, and thanks for continuing to make this fellowship excellent and fun.  (I'm still getting the hang of running OBS on my laptop, so the sound's a little quieter than I'd like, but it gets the job done!)

G'huun didn't get to use his ENOUGH ability last Sunday!  Heroic G'huun, the pestilence of Zandarlar, has been eradicated by The Fish and Bread Trick.  Awesome job to our raiders!  Let's keep up the fire as we head into 8.1 and the Battle for Dazar'alor!

Heroic Mythrax Down! WOOT!

Junataro a posted Nov 10, 18

This was a tough one!  Lots of wipes before taking him down and returning this servant of the Void to his darkness.  Congrats to our raiding squad!  On towards G'huuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

Heroic Zul Down!

Junataro a posted Nov 1, 18

It's been a little bit since we took down H Zul, but I'm just getting around to posting it here!  Check out our kill clip below!

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