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In the latest edition of "The Weekly Reset," Taliesin and Evitel cover the latest Q&A as well as Patch 8.1 developments like the Darkshore Warfront and the Saurfang story.Who would win?-Ion and Lore doing a Q&A about Az...
Published Oct 15, 2018
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Published Oct 14, 2018
The Hall of Fame for Uldir will be closing soon for the Horde faction with over 100 Horde Guilds earning the title . For the rest of this lockout, Horde guilds will be able to obtain Hall of Fame: G'huun. After this lockout, the achievem...
Published Oct 14, 2018
Do you love murlocs? If you are attending BlizzCon, you can show your murloc pride during the special March of the Murlocs parade.In addition to sharing details on this brand-new parade, Blizzard also revealed that a Blue Murloc Kigurumi...
Published Oct 14, 2018
Welcome to The Fish and Bread Trick's Website!

Heroic Zek'voz Elminated

Junataro a posted Tue at 9:54

Not a single worthy trait among you. . .

That got old pretty fast!  We got heroic Zek'voz down 10/7/2018!  Excellent job to our raiding crew, looking forward to the rest of Uldir together!

With that, if you're reading this and new to the guild or interested, feel free to apply and join up with our shenanigans and fellowship.  The raids are a blast, and the community is excellent.  You will not regret joining up with us!

Clip of our kill on Zek'voz below:


The Fish and Bread Trick is anxiously (and somewhat trepidatiously given how the pre-patch went) awaiting the arrival of the Battle for Azeroth expansion.  We'll be seeing the home of the Zandalari on August 13th, at exactly 6 pm EST!

With that, we are definitely seeing continued growth and interest in The Fish and Bread Trick.

Some quick responses to commonly asked questions from new folks or applicants:

1.  Yep!  We're still active and growing.  We're no longer raiding ABT, but just doing achievement runs and such now.

2. We were 11/11 H during the Antorus tier.  We were Ahead of the Curve and got our purple birdy mount prior to the artifact getting super duper empowered.

3. Tanking and healing roles are pretty much set.  We're not 100% sure about how the DPS slots will be going.

4.  It's summer time, so people aren't always available in game or logged in as much.  We're still seeing lots of folks logged in regularly, but just as a reminder, the absolute best way to stay in touch and active in our community is to use Discord!  If you have any questions, join our Discord and interact with us there!

God bless you guys, and see you in Azeroth!

First ever Ahead of the Curve achievement acquired for this ragtag team of Hordies.  Super amazing awesome job guys!

Excellent gaming through excellent fellowship and a Christ centered group of friends.  This is awesome.  Let's keep it up for Battle for Azeroth!

Kill video below of H Argus!

Coven was officially killed on 4/17/2018 by The Fish and Bread Trick, and good ol' Aggramar, who was so stupidly easy in comparison, went down on 4/22/2018!  Congrats to our raiders for another excellent raid and good fellowship!  Kill clip of Aggramar below!

Papa Shank Nice job folks!

Excellent job to our raiders!  We're 5/11 in heroic ABT!  Keep pushing for that awesome purple birdy and continue that fellowship and fun.

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