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Today's WoW Roundup includes the July 20 Hotfixes, discussion on the Outlaw Tier 21 4 piece, a video on creating the Lich King armor featured in a recent Hearthstone video and Blue Tweets on the Priest class mount and legendaries.For mor...
Published Jul 21, 2017
Many new mounts are on the way in Patch 7.3 and today we're continuing our mount previews with the Antoran Gloomhound and Antoran Charhound. Both are currently listed as dropping from 'PH' but they appear to be related from the descripti...
Published Jul 20, 2017
Today's WoW roundup includes the WoW Arena Finals, Mionee Soloing a +17 Vault and FatbossTV's Mythic Mistress Sassz'ine guide.For more recent news, check out the 7.3 Netherlight Crucible Customization, New Argussian Reach Faction and thi...
Published Jul 20, 2017
Blood Elf Female characters have received updated gun, bow, and crossbow animations on the 7.3 PTR. Check out our video for the new animations!We've been previewing other revamped animations throughout the 7.3 PTR; check them all out her...
Published Jul 19, 2017
SDCC 2017 takes place this week, and if you can't make it in person, Blizzard is releasing new merchandise for everyone! Instead of looking for collectibles on eBay or waiting in line, now you can buy special merchandise at home.Click he...
Published Jul 19, 2017
Welcome to The Fish and Bread Trick's Website!

The Fish and Bread Trick will be transferring servers to Dalaran (US-PvE-EST), one of the original WoW servers, late this evening. Please make preparations to move along with us. Feel free to add me Junataro#1159 or grab me on Discord to get an invite to the guild. The guild structure and ranks will remain the same. Also keep in mind that If you are staying on Ghostlands, TF&BT will still exist there after the move, but due to the transfer process the guild will be changed to a level 1 guild with nothing in the bank.

We are excited to be a part of the Dalaran community and hope to rebuild with many new members and good friends.

It's been a while since I've made a post here!

Yeah, life's been kinda crazy, that's the general problem with real life.

Nevertheless, The Fish and Bread Trick has been doing its best to take down the evildoers of the Legion expansion.  We've conquered the Emerald Nightmare and begun excavating the Nighthold.  Above you'll see our picture of the restored Emerald Dream after defeating Xavius.  If you've checking us out for the first time, I really recommend that you get to know us using the links above.  Our guild is awesome.  We do our very best to represent Christ in everything we do, with love and kindness for our guild mates and helpfulness to those within our ranks.

We are in need of raiders overall though!  If you're a healer or DPS, check us out!  Shoot us an application, and we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.  Our guild raids on Sunday and Thursday at 7 pm until about 9:00 pm ish server time (central).  Our guild's cooperation and coordination is excellent.  Really, it has a lot to do with that fact that we are friends and feel as though we can make mistakes without being demonized for them.  It's a different feeling than what you're used to I imagine.  Again, if you're new here, give it a try.  We would love to have you!

Your druid buddy,


Entering the Nightmare!

Junataro a posted Nov 10, 16

The Fish and Bread Trick is poised to enter the Emerald Nightmare tonight at 7:00 pm server time (CST)! 

Let's go into the Nightmare and save Azeroth from the encroaching disease that Xavius has created!

Let's rock and roll folks!

100% Legion Operational

Junataro a posted Sep 22, 16

Howdy Fish and Bread Trick folks!

We have come into Legion with a bang!  Tons of members have logged back in to level to 110, and lots of fun is being had!  The Fish and Bread Trick retains its awesomeness!

If you're interested in an incredible fellowship, Christian discussion, and lots of fun in raids and dungeons, come join us!

We're back baby!

--- Bryan (aka Junataro your friendly healing cow)

Hey folks!

The Fish and Bread Trick is waiting patiently for the new expansion Legion, which will hopefully come out sometime this upcoming summer!  We're really looking forward to it.  In the meantime, we're going to continue pushing through to finish Hellfire Citadel as we have the numbers to run the raids, but it is totally understandable that right now folks are doing other stuff.

Currently we are very close to finishing HFC--only have Archimonde left.  We're holding our spot in HFC, so we can focus on Arch throughout the next few weeks.

If you're checking out the guild, please feel free to shoot a message my way if you have any questions or put in an application for when Legion is released.  I'm very excited about the fire being rekindled when the Burning Legion returns to Azeroth!

Have an excellent day!

--- Bryan (Junataro your awesome healing guild leader)

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